Cheese-it came to us on Christmas day 2021. It was a very cold morning and he didn’t have a winter coat on. We let him come inside and warm up, we didn't want him to get sick after all. 


Since being here we have learned so much about him. He has a dominant side to him and does not tolerate dogs. He does ok with other cats though but will absolutely need a slow introduction to his new kitty friends. He absolutely loves following you around the house while you do your chores and sometimes he even will talk back to you when you ask him a question. If you are having trouble finding him, he does come to you when you call him. 


Cheese-it will make a wonderful addition to your home and would love to be your new best friend. We would like him to be an indoor cat but we know he love to have a 'catio' so he can enjoy a bit of outside time while still being in the safety of a home. He definitely is already to find his 'fur'ever family, and has endless love to give.