Faye came to our rescue on April 25, 2022. She was found in southern Utah, and was posted due to her condition. We immediately arranged for transport to be brought her into our care so we could get her the help she so desperately needed. 

Upon exam Faye was found to have multiple ticks in both ears and large burns to multiple parts of her body. Our vet confirmed that they were thermal burns from a heat source. It took a long time and a lot of care and love but she is finally all healed and is in search of her 'fur'ever home.

 Faye has been through so much, which has made her shy, but be patient and she should warm up to you in time, and once she does she will flourish. 

Faye gives the best headbutts of all time and she requires regular brushings so her beautiful fur doesnt get matted. 

She is needing a home that has tons experience in patience and love. No dogs or children under 18 years old. She tolerates other cats, but she shines as an independent and sometimes just needs alone time, so having a quiet space just for her would be ideal. We recognize that these needs are complex and we are willing to wait for the absolute 'purr'fect home for her. If you think you have that home please apply!