Felv is not a death sentence, it's a retrovirus that can affect their immune response. Just like with fiv to keep them healthy they do need check ups more often and treatment quicker when not feeling well. 

French fry showed up the same time that howler and beau did, we believe that they are all related. French fry was not fixed so we took him in and got him fixed, microchipped and vaccinated, He is also in foster with his brothers Howler and Beau. Here is a little of our sweet french fry. 

 French Fry,

Sweet from day one. Quiet, reserved, independent. This gentle boy will stare in your eyes and you'll be his willing servant. He loves chin scratches and chest scratches. He does enjoy other cats and plays nicely but he will be fine on his own too. He does not like dogs. When he plays with you don't worry about him nipping or bunny kicking you, it's his way of saying "I love this game and I love you too". He also likes to find the most obscure places to nap so don't worry if you can't find him right away. He loves wet food but in a pinch he'll eat dry food. You could keep him entertained for hours with a shoe lace. He doesn't need a lot of toys just be sure at least one has catnip in it and watch him go. This man is so loveable, no one can resist his baby blues. Sweet, patient, unobtrusive, curious, beats to his own drum. If you want a cat who isn't too clingy but still wants to be close and be a friend then he's your guy. 


Here is some great info about felv cats