Felv is not a death sentence, it's a retrovirus that can affect their immune response. Just like with fiv to keep them healthy they do need check ups more often and treatment quicker when not feeling well.  Here is a little of how howler came to us and what their foster mom has said about him,

 We are looking for a home for howler, he has gone through a lot in his short amount of time and need a very loving and specific house to accommodate his needs. Howler  showed up over this past fall and winter in the sanctuary not fixed. Howler was trapped at the end of oct he left after being fixed and I didn't see him for a while. Right around Christmas Howler showed back up, he didn't look very good and he was slightly yellow. I immediately rushed him to the vet where he was given what he needed and stayed overnight then brought back home. Unfortunately his blood test revealed he was FeLV positive. After retesting him 45 days later it still showed he was positive. He was placed with an felv  foster to keep him from declining outside and to give him a chance to be an inside kitty which he has flourished in a home along with his two brothers.

Here is a little bit about howler: Howler is a good description for his favorite pastime. He sings and talks a lot. If you don't wear him out enough before bed time he will sing to you. If you get up during the night he will start over. He wanders the house singing the song of his people, I haven't figured out what he is singing for or to. He loves playing with other kitties and I do think he would do better with a friend, (Beau). Especially to help get his energy out. He is curious about everything but cautious. He doesn't like dogs. Love wet food and dry but love catnip. Make sure you have toys and several that are stuffed with catnip.

 Howler may have FeLV but he is extremely affectionate and just wants to be loved. He will be your best friend if given the opportunity. He is a very good boy.

Cats with FeLV are harder to find homes for, most people will not adopt them, but i know there is a home for him somewhere. He would do fine as an only cat or he can go with his brother french fry. 

Here is some great info about felv cats