Lobo came to us July 3, 2022. Link came to us on April 27, 2022. And from the moment these 2 met they have been partners in crime. And we want them adopted together. Both of these kittens will keep you on your toes. They both love playing together. 


They spend their days chasing fuzzy balls, laser pointers and toy mice. Links love to climb and enjoys cat trees. Hate cleaning? Lobo can help you take some of the load off because he loves eating the scraps you drop. If you are looking for an amazing duo, these are your guys. They love playing but they also love cuddles and pets. As a bonus, Lobo is fantastic at catching bugs so you will never have a spider problem if lobo is around! 


They will both come to you litterbox trained, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. They dont have any diet restrictions, but if you are going to give them a different type of food we ask you to transition him over the course of a week so we can avoid any upset tummys!