Manny came to live at the sanctuary after he received a dental, he had a hard recovery with the dental and kept getting sick. it was later determined that Manny has a feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR is a major cause of upper respiratory disease in cats and is the most common cause of conjunctivitis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the eye, especially the lining of the lids and the third eyelid). Manny lost his eye because the virus caused an ulceration on his eye. After months of treatment it ended up rupturing leaving no choice nut to have the eye removed. 

Manny is a very sweet loving boy, who is shy but once he warms up he is the sweetest. When he is in a really good mood he will even give you kisses on your face. Manny needs to be in a home where he will remain indoors permanently after living a hard life in a feral colony we want Manny to get the best love and spoils. 

Manny is FIV positive