Bubba had recently been injured and needed to have a leg amputation to save him. His left paw was severely injured, causing his paw to die as the infection started to go up his leg.  We also learned that Bubbas right pelvis was also broken making his recovery difficult. 

    Bubba has been part of the sanctuary since 2018 he has always came and gone when he chose to. Now bubba is a tripod and will not be able to be released so we will be working on building bubba a catio when he is all healed up. 
    Bubba suffered injuries I can never fathom. The pain he must have been in brings me to tears, but some how bubba made it back to me knowing I would help him with his pelvis broken and his left paw crushed and dead. The infection started going up his leg. Thankfully we were able to get him in and start him on the mend and now bubba shows how much he is grateful to have someone who cared enough to save him and we thank you all so much for helping us save bubba.